Earth Week Branding

The Sustainability Office asked me to help design and brand the 2017 Earth Week, which is a week-long series of events that promote sustainability, such as a social justice dinner, seminar discussions, fresh local food, and 2nd hand clothing pop-up shop. I was given a lot of freedom with this project and ultimately created the logo and posters for the events.


This project marks the start of my introduction to Illustrator and the glorious pen tool. I had previously used an iPad/Sketchbook and Photoshop to create designs, but I branched out into vector designs here. Looking back, I would definitely change a lot of colors and typography and think more about decluttering the poster (and making everything more readable). But overall, I am very happy with how everything turned out. Another big takeaway from this project is to take on any design challenge, especially when starting out. I was nervous taking on this project because I wasn't sure of my skills, but I'm so thankful I did because 1) lots of progress comes from just doing, and 2) I made many valuable connections through this project that resulted in many other design opportunities down the line.

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