EF Education First Branding

Below are some samples (with permission) of my work as a Brand Marketing Intern for the Recruitment team at EF Education First. I designed external campaign material, from flyers and slide decks (shown below) to email/web campaigns used during college career fairs. The main goal for these pieces was to reflect EF's brand and encourage candidates to apply!

I also worked on some internal projects such as 401(k) and Beneficiary campaigns which had a more free-form "fun" aspect and did not have to adhere to the EF brand. ​

Finally, I was able to drive my own projects and take initiative with new ideas, which included an on-boarding booklet and the creation of an "Intern" people book that featured the "EF stories" of full-time employees who previously interned at the company. I conducted interviews, captured personalities through photos, wrote engaging copy, and designed the booklet that will be distributed to thousands of students as a marketing tool for recruitment. ​

Note: While I created all the illustrations and designs, I did not take the photos for the recruitment material.

Recruitment flyers sample (external)

Recruitment slide deck sample (external)

Benefits campaign (internal)

Recruitment and Brand Marketing Guide (internal)

I found that this job was very flexible with a lot of freedom. However, the expectations felt vague at times, so I wrote, designed, printed, and bound this pamphlet that serves as an on-boarding guide for the next intern in this position.

More Branding Projects