Grafficity Poster

Grafficity is an Augmented Reality app that digitally overlays your own images onto physical objects when holding your phone over them. This social media app aims to create a community of users sharing content through the app that can recognize anything from posters to business cards to museum placards. I worked with the team to develop a poster that would visually portray what Grafficity’s purpose and value add. After learning about the team’s goals and the messages they wanted to portray, I started sketching some ideas and came up with a few preliminary designs, shown below. After a few more iterations, I created the final poster and a t-shirt design for their marketing campaign.


I received a lot of constructive criticism throughout this design process, and it’s awesome to see how much I progressed from the first iteration to the final poster. Looking back, I still could have pushed the colors more especially since the printer made everything less vibrant than they were on my computer screen. I also learned about bringing a partner’s vision to reality (or, ~augmented reality~ heehee) and I really enjoyed the process of trying to understand the core of his need/vision and encapsulating that through design.

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