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empathetic, resilient, goofy

Much of who I am is based on my love for understanding people, my grit and determination to learn anything I set my mind to, and my light-hearted, silly attitude towards life.

I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2019 with a major in Engineering modified with Studio Art and a minor in Human-Centered Design. I'm primarily interested in product and UI/UX design and am inspired by solutions that positively impact our community and environment. Currently I'm in Arlington, VA working as an Associate UX Designer at Appian.

Relevant Courses

  • ENGS 12: Design Thinking, received Citation of Excellence
  • ENGS 21: Intro to Engineering, received Phillip R. Jackson award for Best Overall Project
  • ENGS 22: Systems
  • ENGS 24: Science of Materials
  • ENGS 31: Digital Electronics
  • ENGS 33: Solid Mechanics
  • ENGS 37: Environmental Engineering
  • ENGS 86: Independent Project (Product Design)
  • CS 01: Introduction to Programming and Computation (Python)
  • CS 10: Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
  • CS 22: 3D Digital Modeling, received Citation of Excellence
  • CS 24: Computer Animation
  • CS 27: Projects in Digital Arts, received Citation of Excellence
  • CS 28: Advanced Projects in Digital Arts, Neukom Scholar for Computer Science
  • CS 52: Full-Stack Web Development, received Citation of Excellence
  • SART 15: Drawing
  • SART 16: Sculpture
  • SART 17: Digital Drawing, received Citation of Excellence
  • SART 25: Painting
  • PSYC 21: Perception
  • PSYC 23: Social Psychology