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empathetic, resilient, goofy

Much of who I am is based on my love for understanding people, my grit and determination to learn anything I set my mind to, and my light-hearted, silly attitude towards life.

I also don't normally look like I do in that image - I like the photo though, and it's from my climbing expedition in South Africa. Anyways, outside of having crazy hair days, I am a figure skater, dad joke generator, lover of the outdoors, dedicated journal-er, and aspiring designer!

I started designing my freshman year at Dartmouth College, where I am currently a rising senior studying Engineering and Studio Art with a minor in Human-Centered Design. I'm primarily interested in product and UI/UX design and am inspired by solutions that positively impact our community and environment. I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have had and cannot wait for what's down the road.

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