South Africa Video

Read about the trip and download our beta here.

"Adventure of a Lifetime" was a vague phrase I could never really connect with until this trip. I spent nearly a month hiking, camping, road tripping, and climbing along the coast of South Africa with Catherine Rocchi '19, Matt Rube '19, and Sheppard Somers '19 over Winterim 2017. From leading a 5.11c to stumbling upon a man's marijuana farm, to huddling inside a tent during the mother of all thunderstorms, to learning about a country's racial divide and experiencing firsthand what it meant to have a severe water shortage, this adventure ended up being so much more than just a climbing trip. It was as much a lesson in the extent of my American privilege as it was a journey through the most beautiful, breathtaking parts of South Africa, and I'm so thankful to have experienced all of this with three of my favorite people.

This video was shot on an iPhone 6 and edited with Premiere Pro.


This was my first exposure to Premiere Pro. While I had done some video editing before with iMovie, I wanted to push myself to create something better with more sophisticated software. I learned quite a bit about film editing and will definitely try to make some more trip videos going forward (hopefully with a better camera!). Most of the footage was captured for fun without the intention of turning the clips into a film, so I'm hoping that being more intentional about the shots will create better results in the future. All in all, I ended up submititng this project to the Moosilauke Film Festival, and it came in first!